Take Root Chicago

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Welcome to Take Root Chicago

Welcome to Take Root Chicago! The Take Root Chicago initiative is to assist in the stabilization of Chicago households and neighborhoods through a strategic media and advertising outreach campaign that links reputable housing intermediaries, and their resources to potential and existing homeowners for both homeownership opportunities and foreclosure intervention. This initiative is a cooperative effort between the Chicago Urban League along with Freddie Mac and a coalition of trusted participants whom represent local government, nonprofit housing counseling agencies, the local business community, realtors, lenders, and other reputable housing stakeholders.

From Margaret Wooten

"The Chicago Urban League is excited to be launching Take Root Chicago a comprehensive outreach that provides reliable trustworthy assistance to residents who want to purchase a new home or save their current home."
- Senior Director, Housing, Chicago Urban League

Take Root Participants



The consumer information on TakeRootChicago.org is used with permission from Freddie Mac. Freddie Mac offers extensive, regularly updated consumer information about buying and owning a home on its website, www.FreddieMac.com, in the "About Homeownership" section. Freddie Mac is not responsible for content errors or omissions on TakeRootChicago.org. The funding source of this activity is the Chicago Urban League and Freddie Mac.